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The Best Economy Competition Firearm

I had the pleasure of testing out the SAR USA K12 Sport 9mm recently and man oh man I must say I am overly impressed! I just finished putting 1000 rounds through it without a cleaning our lubrication and the thing hasn't stopped!

For under $800, you are getting a competition worthy firearm straight out of the box. The stainless steel frame gives the user a ease of slide manipulation as well as recoil absorption. The trigger, while it does have a minute amount of "play", delivers a clean, crisp shot every time and has a reset that will put a smile on your face.

With magazines holding 17 +1 offering plenty of rounds as well as the option of using CZ 75 Shadow 2 magazines is an added bonus. I thought that the black on black sights might cause me a problem, especially when shooting at steel, however, after testing the theory I'm surprised and happy to announce no problems at all.

At the end of my 1000 + round journey, I didn't have a single malfunction or stoppage. Not one problem. I never cleaned or lubricated the firearm yet it ran like a champion. This to me is telling to the creators quality standards. I am beyond satisfied and happy with this purchase and will continue to shoot this at competitions to truly test its capabilities.

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