Meet Your Instructors

The Campbell Defense Academy was founded by people passionate about shooting, firearms safety and defending themselves & loved ones. We believe that no one should ever have to feel scared to be alone, or nervous about a simple walk at night. We strive to provide the best, most effective techniques available to assist everyday citizen's in their journey to becoming more confident!

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    Owner/Chief Instructor

    Allison Campbell

    Allison "Machine Gun Allie" Campbell has been a resident of Las Vegas for nearly 13 years. As a public speaker and certified trainer, Allison has performed on television, radio and in person for millions of people. She has traveled across the United States and around the World, yet still calls Vegas her home.

    When Allison met her husband Brian, a 7 yr. USMC veteran,  she  rekindled her passion for firearms and self-defense.  Allison is an avid student of Krav Maga, as well as several various self-defense systems. She is an NRA certified Firearms instructor, NRA certified Shotgun Instructor, Chief Range Safety Officer, Personal Defense Inside and Outside the home Instructor, Defensive Pistol Instructor and Armed Civilian's Tactics Training Instructor.

    She hosts the largest female shooting group in Nevada called Vegas Gun Gals, and also hosts the YouTube channel for both Discount Firearms and her own YouTube channel "Machine Gun Allie".

    Her goal is to teach men, women and children the importance of firearms safety, techniques and self-defense, as well as share her passion with the world.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Brian Campbell

    As a 7-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps, Brian brings a host of talents to our team. Serving as a radio operator with the elite Reconnaissance platoon, he was training as a Nuclear-Biological & Chemical Warfare Technician, as a Non-Commissioned Officer Brian went on to become a Close Combat Instructor for his units. Over the years, he has instructed hundreds of combat ready Marines to be better prepared to defend our nation. A 7 x high expert in Rifle and 7 x Pistol Expert, Brian is proficient in various styles or martial arts including Kempo, Jiu-jitsu and Taekwondo. He is former Arrest Control Techniques/Self-Défense Instructor for the Boston area polices departments including the then MDC (Metropolitan Police Department). Brian has trained all walks of life from nightclub security professionals, to armored truck agents, police agencies, to the United States Marines. Brian is skilled with most all aspects of firearms, M16/M4 Carbine, Semi-Automatic pistols, Revolvers, Light and Sub-Machine Guns, Combat Shotgun, Improvised Weapons on more. Brian is also a former Respiratory Therapist and is currently one of our NRA Range Safety Officers.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Mike Sabo

    Mike has been involved in the firearms industry since childhood, working in just about every aspect from Range Safety Officer, Firearms Sales, Instructor etc.

    Mike is a favorite with our clients for his contagious positive attitude and ability to teach complex techniques with simplicity. Mike is a key part of our A.C.T. program, helping to develop new and exciting concepts for our students to learn. As an active member of the NRA and IDAP (International Defensive Pistol Association) , he regularly competes on a very high level.

    He is familiar with virtually every type of current firearm available to civilians and law enforcement; a hands-on training he received as a firearms salesperson for one of the largest gun stores in Las Vegas.Mike is continuing his firearms education and certifications and is currently a Certified NRA (National Rifle Association) Range Safety Officer.

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    Long Range Instructor

    Spl. Instructor James

    James is a leading educator and highly skilled member of our team. James is a United States Army veteran having been awarded the Bronze Star for actions while in combat, under enemy fire. His outstanding and prestigious training includes being an Army Ranger, graduating Ranger School, Pathfinder Course, Sniper Course, Airborne Course, and Air Assault Course, earning both the Expert Infantryman’s Badge and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. As a former Diplomatic Security Specialist for the US State Department / Department of State Diplomatic Security. He provided protective services for high-level U.S. officials, designated foreign leaders, and diplomatic facilities around the world. James has a very extensive background in high profile VIP security, recognized for close protection for 2 Vice Presidents of the United States of America and multiple ambassadors and other government officials.


     James obtained his ASIS International Certified Protection Professional CPP Certification and is skilled as a US State Department instructor certified to teach Diplomatic Protection for the Diplomatic Security Services department, US State Department fire arms instructor, US State Department qualified, Designated Defensive Marksman, US State Department Diplomatic Security Specialist qualified, Executive Security International –Certified Protection Specialist course, Train the Trainer certification for First Aid (American Red Cross), Executive Security International Certified Protection C.P.S. Program, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Vehicle Dynamics and Motorcade Operations, Multiple Specialized US Army military courses. He is also the creator of the highly sought after Active Shooter Preparedness Training Program P.A.C.E. (Prepare, Action, Care, Evacuate). 

    *James is available upon special request for our Sniper/Long Distance Shooting and Active Shooter Programs.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Instructor Shawn

    Shawn served our nation for 8 years as a United States Marine with distinction, deploying 6 separate times, with 2 Combat Deployments.Shawn was assigned the highly coveted MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts) as a Martial Arts Instructor.He is a multiple award recipient of Rifle and Pistol Expert.Certified Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense NCO (Non Commissioned Officer).

    He is also Vessel board search and seize trained (2x) - Close Quarter Battle training (room clearing(2x)OC (Pepper Spray) certified (3x)Mountain Warfare Trained, Served in Guantánamo BayServed as an Artilleryman (4 years)Served in Security Forces (4 years) where he trained to provided US Embassy support in the event of potential threats.Provided Nuclear Security -Trained with S Korean Special Forces.

    Shawn is continuing his firearms education and certifications and is currently a Certified NRA (National Rifle Association) Range Safety Officer.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Mike Flores

    Mike has been involved in the firearms industry since a young age. He has been a Director of Security for major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas for several years.

    As an intricate member of our A.C.T. program, Mike has assisted in development of new and exciting concepts for our students to learn. An active member of the NRA he is a certified Range Safety Officer,  with a deep understanding of  every type of current firearm available to civilians and law enforcement.

     The hands-on training he received as a security director for one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas, has truly been a gift to the company; as he always has interesting and effective techniques to demonstrate and share. 

    Mike is continuing his firearms education and certifications and is currently a Certified NRA (National Rifle Association) Range Safety Officer, PILB certified and POST certified.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Instructor Jason

    Jason is an 8 year United States Marine Corps veteran. He started his passion of shooting at the young age of 8, and continued his learning throughout his career. He was trained in rifle techniques, long distance rifle training, combat training, close quarter battle techniques, room clearing, multiple threat engagements, as well as unknown distance shooting.


    Jason became well versed with his duty rifle; the M16A2, the pistol, shotgun, M249 SAW, and .50 cal. During his stay in the Marine Corps, he achieved the rank of NCO Sargent and was given the title of Pistol expert.


    Once he returned to civilian life, Jason continued his training with firearms and became an active member of the NRA. He currently holds certifications in Home Safety Instructor and Range Safety Officer. In addition, he also is the Assistant Instructor of the well renowned course “A.C.T. Armed Civilian Tactics Training” which is taught by Allison.

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Instructor "Fuzzy"

    Brian aka "Fuzzy";  served our nation for 24 years as a United States Marine with distinction and title of Master Sergeant.  With 4 deployments around the world, Fuzzy saved countless lives working as an Expeditionary Fire Fighting/Rescue Specialist. 

    After he returned stateside, Fuzzy became a Ground Safety Officer/Specialist and Fire Chief. With years experience in a combat/defense zone, as well as his expertise in ground rescue..Fuzzy works as an intricate part of the Campbell Defense Academy Team; sharing his experience and training with the other members. 

    In addition to his Military training, Fuzzy also became a Substance Abuse Counselor helping others with thier battle of addiction. 

    He currently holds certifications in CPR/First Aid, as well as holds a Range Safety Officer Certification through the National Rifle Association. He is FEMA cerfitifed as well as holds an instructor certification for Fire Instructor and Fire Inspector. 

    Fuzzy is a recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, Iraq Campaign Medal, Navy Meritorious Unti Commendation, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Navy And Marine Corps Commendation Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal and Global War on Terrorism Medal. 

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    Instructor/Range Safety Officer

    Instructor Jesse

    Jesse is a student of life! Originally from Hawaii, he has a easy going and patient personality. Jesse is currently a professional Jujitsu instructor and trains with the Olympic team. 

    He has been leaning and building his firearms experience for close to 20 years, and currently holds certifications in NRA Basic Pistol, Range Safety Officer, as well as is a major part of our A.C.T. program, having his own session of instruction in the art of defense techniques of Jujitsu.

    He is also a professional photographer and web designer, which makes his vast knowledge just that more valuable.

    He has several years experience as a childen's martial arts instructor and works with children as a volunteer for special needs and fundraisers. He a a valuable member of the team and is a huge hit with the children's classes! 

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