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Not In Kansas Anymore...

Many Vegas locals might have noticed that the crime in our little town has had a steady increase to a shocking and to be frank...scary level. So what do we do when we realize that our town is no longer as safe as it once was? Do we just cut bait and move? Do we grab all the guns and go prepper crazy and build a castle to protect our family? What's the happy, comfortable medium?

If you are noticing an increase in crime, first and foremost research what the crime increase is. Is it car jackings, tax crimes, sex crimes? By doing your homework it will help you prepare for what you want to prevent.

Next, I would suggest you take a self-defense course for yourself and your family members. Remember, you can't always be with your loved ones. so they need to be able to protect themselves as well. Then, take a look at your home and make proper reinforcements to any venerable areas you may find.

If you are considering purchasing a firearm for defense, I highly suggest you attend a CCW program as well as a Basic Pistol Skill Builder Course to better acquaint yourself with your firearm, because you don't want to have your firearm used against you, nor would you want to lose a battle due to a simple stoppage that could have been fixed quickly had you known how.

Finally, I would HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. Citizen's Police Academy. It is completely free, yet holds so much valuable information and fun! You would meet at the academy once a week on a set day for 3 hrs and learn a different department of the police each week. In addition you would learn all about the departments abilities, how and what to do in certain situations, you get to go on a ride along, go to the dispatch center, shoot the police firearms and so much more! It is an amazing way to learn about your police department, what happens with different crimes, what to do in different crime situations, all the different departments of the police, etc.

Then at the end of your 12 weeks, you get to have a formal graduation! An experience unlike any other I promise, and one you will not regret. It is a great way to understand the abilities and capabilities, so you have a better overall understanding of potential threat situations.

So, bottom line, if you are starting to feel nervous. Come check out some of our self-defense classes, take a firearms class and get to know your law enforcement officers.

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