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Prevent Home Invasions!!

I can't stress enough about how important it is to learn how to protect yourself at home. Your home is a sanctuary, but it is also a treasure to be had by criminals. You can't just rely on your deadbolt on your door. Criminals can kick through your door. You can't rely on your gated community either, because criminals will break in no matter what. They can hop gates, fences, and even portray a utility company member to gain access to your neighborhood.

A few suggestions for you and your family are going to be :

1. Attend a self-defense course

2. Purchase a reinforced door for your entry doors with quality deadbolts

3. Purchase and install a quality security system/camera system and Ring Doorbell

4. Keep your blinds/curtains closed. No one needs to see what is in your house, what you are doing or who is home but you.

5. Prepare an emergency plan with your family members, teach them where to meet in case of an emergency, a secret code word, and an escape route.

By doing these simple steps, you will prevent crime from choosing your home as a target. #MachineGunAllie #PROTECT #LasVegas

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