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Killing Vegas

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I am going to rant for a second. I have lived in Vegas for almost 15 years, and for a while, this city has been an amazing place to call home. Things have begantot change however. In the last year or so, I have noticed a large increase in crime. Not just crime, but MURDER. Las Vegas isliterallyl killing itself! There have been so manypeopleeattackeda, raped and murdered this year, that is is making my loyalty falter with this once great city. I am not sure why citizens have decoded to take to crime, but I know that majority of criminals are under the influence of some form of drug.

It's truly disappointing to see how many people are dying, for no reason. And over the most stupid of circumstances! What is going on vegas!?!?! I think that the city needs to consider this a crisis. This should not be happening, yet it is. Homelessness is on the rise, and addiction is a major cause. I believe we need to come together as a community and start brainstorming ways we can help tackle this issue. Obviously, funding for projects is never free, so I hope that we can come up with ideas that can fund themselves. I think we need to find ways to help those addicted to overcome their demons and lead an clean life, and I think we need to find some ways to prevent drug use in the younger crowds. The days of "D.A.R.E. " are long gone, and it takes much more to catch peoples attention these days, but this doesn't mean that we just look the other way, or become lenient with negativebehavior.

We are better than this Vegas. We can do better.

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