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Don't Be Stupid At A Gun Store

I'm not sure how to begin this I guess I will just begin by telling you all what I experienced today. This afternoon, while I was at a gun range/store with some students; a man walked in and went up to the counter asking the clerk about holsters for his gun. The clerk asked him what kind of gun did he have and this idiot grabbed his gun out of his holster and pointed it in the direction of the clerk!! MORON!!!

Of course the clerk reacted the same way everyone else in the store did, by drawing his firearm and demanding the man lower his gun and holster it immediately. The guy did and was apologetic but said "sorry, I didn't know!"

What exactly was it that he didn't know? That he shouldn't have pointed a loaded gun at a store clerk ? After watching this first hand, I think it is only just that I share with you all this video that will help others know the Do's & Don'ts at A Gun Store. #MachineGunAllie #PEWPEW #FollowMe #LasVegas

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