Having A Gun, Is Like Having A Kid

I have been watching the news for so many years; decades really. Through all the days and nights of different stories and breaking news I have found that although the stories may change, the concepts are the same.

There always a woman getting raped. There is always an older couple getting mugged. There is always someone getting murdered. There is always theft, drugs, sex trafficking and war. It is a sad truth in America that as hard as law enforcement has tried to gain control of these unfortunate events; but hasn't been able get a handle on it yet. So with all this crazy crime going on, it is important to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. Some people learn self-defense techniques, while others may just purchase a firearm to protect themselves . This is every American's right and honor to be able to keep and bare arms, however...there is also a responsibility.

I like to consider purchasing a firearm similar to deciding to have a baby. Both are very important decisions to make. Both are life changing. Both need to have care, safety, maintenance and play time. When you have your baby, you research and learn as much as you can to make sure you are a great parent. When you purchase your firearm, you research as much as you can to make sure you know what you are getting, how to use it etc. Seeing the similarities?

You need to watch your baby all the time to make sure they stay safe and don't hurt themselves, and with a firearm you also need to know where it is at all times to make sure that no one gets hurt. With your baby, when you need to be away for a while you put your baby in a crib or play pen and with a firearm when you are going to be away for a while, you lock it up in a safe. Having a baby is a lifelong commitment to always make sure they are safe and secure. Having a firearm is the same.

I am so sad to see yet another tragic death of a child due to firearms owners not taking the time to learn how to properly operate and maintain their firearm. These classes take very little time, and to practice for 5 mins a week on how to disassemble and reassemble your firearm...would really take no time from your schedule. As a firearms owner, it is your duty and responsibility to do your research and learn your firearm. You need to learn how to use your gun if you want to own one! No, it's not a law, it's not a requirement, but any semi-intelligent person would do so in order to ensure their safety.

I had to speak to a woman who wanted to purchase a gun and had a 3 year old son. She asked me what she needed to do before she purchased and I expressed the necessary equipment such as a sturdy gun safe, cleaning kit, eye and ear protection etc. for owning a firearm and the suggested firearms training she should embark on to understand how to use the gun safely. She decided to make the purchase on impulse and decided she would learn how to use it later. She didn't purchase a safe, but instead decided to hide her gun from her toddler.

I spoke with this mother 2 days after her son found her gun and shot himself accidentally which killed him. All she could say was that she had the safety on, she had the safety on...

People, if you are going to make the decisions

to purchase a firearm; treat it as if you are adopting a child. LEARN ABOUT YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBER!!! Take the time to attend a firearms class and get acquainted with safe gun handling and operations. It is worth it to you, it is worth it to your loved ones.


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